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Mackenzie J Gregory
Flag of Australia

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Naval Battles in the Solomon Islands over August/November 1942 turn the tide of the Pacific War
02 February 2003

Solomon Islands Pictures
24 January 2003

More Solomon Islands pictures
31 January 2003

HMAS Goorangai chopped in two by M.V. Duntroon. Small Mine Sweeper first RAN ship lost in WW2
23 January 2003

The Discovery of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia, and its early settlement
16 January 2003

Wyatt Earp, A Ship of Several Names and a Lifetime of Adventure.
09 January 2003

Lieutenant Colonel Jimmie Doolittle’s B-25 Raid on Japan. 18th. of April 1942.
09 January 2003

Gun Turret from USS Monitor Sees the Light of Day After 140 Years
03 January 2003

Memorial to HMAS Sydney and her crew is dedicated at Geraldton in Western Australia
30 December 2002

Canadian Tribal Destroyer HMCS Athabaskan Located off Brittany, France
29 December 2002

Found! Two Dutch Light Cruisers, sunk by the Japanese Navy in 1942
28 December 2002

My Mother and Father's Wedding Day
13 December 2002

Operation Downfall, The Planned Invasion of Japan on November 1st. 1945
14 December 2002

Pictures for Operation Downfall
14 December 2002

The Charting of Australia: Matthew Flinders. 1774 - 1814, Master Navigator and Explorer
22 December 2002

History of the Boatswain's Call
04 December 2002

A few Sea Birds from the Oceans Of the World
30 November 2002

The Loss of Trial in 1622, Oldest Wreck on the Australian Coast
29 November 2002

The Genesis of the Royal Australian Navy
27 November 2002

The Lonely Vigil. Australian Coast Watching in The Pacific War.
25 November 2002

Loss of HMAS Sydney
23 November 2002

Arlington National Cemetery. Virginia. United States of America.
22 November 2002

The Role of the Rescue Ships in the Battle of the Atlantic
22 November 2002

German U-Boat U-534. Her Three Separate Lives. From 1942 /1996, and is still on display near Liverpool.
21 November 2002

The Blue Star Line's Tuscan Star, Torpedoed and sunk. The 6th. of September, 1942. Another Victim of the U-Boat War.
21 November 2002

The Shipwrecks of King Island in Bass Strait
20 November 2002

Ex Prisoners of War Memorial, Botanical Gardens, Wendouree Parade, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.
18 November 2002

Certificate of World War Two Service
18 November 2002

Blessing of the Royal Australian Navy Cruisers Memorial Cairn, November 2002
18 November 2002

Radio Interview on 10 November, 2002
10 November 2002

HMAS Shropshire Memorial Tree, Australian War Memorial, Canberra ACT
27 October 2002

The Victorian Chapter of The Naval Historical Society of Australia Inc. is remembering the year of 1942 with a photographic display
27 October 2002

Wreck of Royal Navy Submarine E-10 found after 87 years
20 October 2002

We get letters and emails
02 November 2002

Liberty Ship pictures
10 October 2002

Update on the Whereabout of the USS Canberra Bell
08 October 2002

Our 7 Day Inside Passage Cruise and 2 day Rocky Mountaineer  train trip
04 October 2002

Pictures from our Alaska and Rocky Mountain trip.
28 September 2002

"Waltzing Matilda"
22 September 2002

Marauders of the Sea, Confederate Merchant Raiders During the American Civil War
15 November 2002

60th Anniversary of the sinking of HMAS Canberra, at the Battle of Savo Island on the 9th. of August 1942.
08 August 2002

CSS H L Hunley, the Confederate submersible sunk off Charleston Harbour in 1864, found and recovered
19 September 2002

Admiralty House, The Sydney Residence of the Governor General of Australia
31 July 2002

Bits of Naval History are tucked into all sort of corners across Australia
31 July 2002

Royal Australian Navy Virtual Fleet
31 July 2002

Shropshire Park. Ulverstone Tasmania.
29 July 2002

Letter from the High Commissioner, The Republic of Malta
25 July 2002

Jervis Year. The Class of 1936. Royal Australian Naval College.
25 July 2002

Picture of Jervis Year. The Class of 1936. Royal Australian Naval College.
15 November 2002

Life Begins At Eighty
21 July 2002

Holbrook, New South Wales, Submarine Town
21 July 2002

Battle of Matapan
30 June 2002

Four Australian Icons
28 June 2002

Salvaging the Russian Atomic Submarine Kursk
24 June 2002

Some Quotable Quotes from random sources
23 June 2002

USS Arizona Memorial, Hawaii
21 June 2002

Royal Navy Town Class Destroyers of WW2
20 June 2002

WW2 Liberty Ships - The Bridge of Steel - Spanning the Atlantic - Linking Britain to America
18 June 2002

The Laws of the Navy
18 June 2002

Fourteen Australian Prime Ministers I have known
18 June 2002

Why is a Ship Called She?
14 June 2002

Captain James Cook's Endeavour Journal 1768-71
11 June 2002

Anzac Day, Chatswood, Edward wears my Miniature Medals. 25th. April, 2002
09 June 2002

Cruiser Cairn Queenscliff, Victoria
09 June 2002

World's luckiest sailor article in the Herald Sun 5 May 2002
07 June 2002

Anzac Class Frigate HMAS Warramunga. FFH-152
08 June 2002

The Lone Sailor - The United States Navy Memorial, Washington DC
02 June 2002

Marauders of the Sea, German Armed Merchant Raiders During World War I
13 November 2002

Marauders of the Sea, German Armed Merchant Raiders During World War 2
30 May 2002

H.M.A.S. Canberra and the Battle of Savo Island
03 June 2002

Under Water Warfare, The Struggle Against the Submarine Menace, 1939 -1945
01 June 2002

Tragedy at Sea
28 May 2002

The Victoria Cross at Sea
28 May 2002

U.S.S. Patterson
28 May 2002

The Death of HMAS Armidale
29 July 2002

A brief biography
31 May 2002

A Royal Forgery Aboard HMAS Vengeance
15 January 2003

Why is champagne used to launch ships, and how long has this been going on?
27 May 2002

Beneath The Southern Cross
26 May 2002

U S Cruiser, USS Phoenix escapes Pearl Harbor attack to be sunk in the Falklands War, as the Argentinian Cruiser, General Belgrano.
26 May 2002

Memorial plaque for HMAS Shropshire at the Australian War Memorial. Canberra.
24 May 2002

HMAS Shropshire's crew, taken in Lingayen Gulf, Northern Luzon, the Philippines
12 May 2002

HMAS Australia to the rescue
14 May 2002

HMAS Australia in the Atlantic
22 May 2002

Cunard Liner Queen Mary runs down HMS Curacoa
19 October 2002

Capturing the Enigma Machine
22 May 2002

The Sinking of British Battleship, HMS Royal Oak, at Scapa Flow, by German Submarine, U-47
22 May 2002

German Bombers rain bombs down  on Liverpool. A close run thing for HMAS Australia, December 1940
19 May 2002

Scapa Flow and its wrecks - my article in another web site.
19 May 2002

The Scuttling of the German High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow on the 21st of June 1919
18 May 2002

The execution of Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, carried out on the 18th. of April 1943
15 May 2002

Official party entering Parliament House Canberra for the Governor General to open the Australian Parliament in 1952
13 May 2002

Links to other interesting web sites
15 January 2003

The invitation for friends to help celebrate my 80th birthday on Saturday the 9th. of February 2002
11 May 2002

Certificate of Clearance for Titanic from Queenstown, Ireland
11 May 2002

This is a copy of the surrender document signed in Tokyo Bay aboard the USS Missouri
25 September 2002

The letter telling me I was awarded A Queen Elizabeth Coronation Medal
10 May 2002

What does the word Knot mean when used by the world's Navies?
09 May 2002

Sunset on the Zambesi River, Zimbabwe
09 May 2002

Book Review - Longitude by Dava Sobel
08 May 2002

Photo exhibit - Coral Sea
06 May 2002

"Operation Menace." September 23, 24, 25, 1940. HMAS Australia and the debacle at Dakar with General Charles de Gaulle
01 May 2002

Gibraltar, after nearly 300 years of British control, is it going back to Spanish ownership?
01 May 2002

International Date Line
30 April 2002

Japanese Midget Submarines Attack Sydney Harbour on the night of May31/June 1, 1942
30 April 2002

Commander A. Covey-Crump - A collection of Naval Slang
30 April 2002

The Nelson Years of 1793-1805
22 October 2002

Anzac Cove, Gallipoli Turkey, for Anzac Day Ceremony 1998
28 April 2002

The Loss of USS Indianapolis, gone missing, but not missed
27 April 2002

The Role of the Submarine in World War 2
26 April 2002

The escape of the German battlecruiser, Goeben, and the light cruiser, Breslau, in 1914
26 April 2002

The Role of Western Approaches Command in the Battle of the Atlantic
24 April 2002

I-52 - Japan's Golden Submarine
24 April 2002

Able Seaman Nuisance
23 April 2002

Blockade Runner
22 April 2002

AE 1, AE 2, and J Class Submarines in The Royal Australian Navy
15 December 2002

Kamikaze Attack
09 April 2002

Searching for the ship's bell and visiting Washington
27 March 2002


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