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Mackenzie J Gregory
Flag of Australia

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Canberrra & Shropshire

Merry Christmas!
I discovered your website when I did a "Battle of Savo Island" search on google yesterday.   I was discussing the event with my partner's brother & needed some information.
Anyway, my main reason for contacting you is to see if you remembered my Dad, Lieutenant Commander Noel Ednam Baragwanath, who servered on both the Canberrra & Shropshire (as well as other ships) in his naval career.  He was also in Tokyo harbour for the surrender - although I'm not sure on which ship unless I attack my records!  (I did an FOI search on Dad & received a copy of his Naval records some years ago) Dad passed on November 7th 1995.  He left me with some interesting photos (taken with his box brownie camera I suppose) of some of his postings.
Anyway, I am not sure where you are (Aussie or US) now but if you knew Dad & would like to contact me, I live in Brighton, Victoria.
Kind regards
John Baragwanath

John lives but a few miles away from where we are on St. Kilda Road. I have had a long phone conversation with him, and remember his Dad well. Trust you put in a great Xmas Day.

We had a lovely time with boys , wives, and Grandchildren.

All the best,



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