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Ahoy - Mac's Web Log
Mackenzie J Gregory
Flag of Australia

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Information of Canberra Sinking and Battle

Dear Mr. Gregory,

This is just a short note to thank for the information provided through this wonderful web site. I have just been able to sit down and try to locate it after being given the address by Ron Strahan. I am the son of " Victor Lloyd Miller " who was a leading Stoker on the Canberra when she was attacked, I and my Mother,elder brother knew nothing about his service in the Navy, he never went to a reunion or marched on Anzac Day. Dad died in 1986 after battling nerves, committing suicide, from what I can gather the above mentioned was not all that uncommon for many returned servicemen. I was able to attend the latest reunion at the Albert Park Bowling Club and sat at the Stokers table, this was a great moment for me and quite emotional as I felt I was representing my father. The lads at the table made me most welcome and I showed them a couple of old photo's of Dad, which a couple of them sort of recognized.

My brother is 57 years of age with 4 girls, I am 46 years of age with a little girl of 16 mths. Thank again so much for giving us some insight into what Dad went through with all his shipmates and why he was as he was, I can now appreciate in some small way what went on and can pass it on to my Child.

Regards Ashley Miller And Family.
Happy New Year

Hello Ashley,

Happy New Year to you and your family. Thank you for your very kind words about my AHOY site, I am pleased that you were able to gain some comfort from knowing what was involved in the Battle of Savo Island and the part that Canberra played. Although it is over 60 years ago, I am still suprised at the interest, messages, and questions I still get from around the world about that fateful night. I have recently been in contact with a young man in Warsaw Poland about Savo, and he is writing for a Polish audience about it all.

I have a great love of History and Naval History in particular, and get a lot of satisfaction in trying to record it in my own small way, and trust other people may learn a little of what we did endure in our part in preserving freedom over the WW2 years of 1939-1945.

Ashley, you may not be aware that Veteran's Affairs have recently put up on the Web a million names of all who served Australia in WW2, one may print out a Certificate of Service for each person. I have taken the liberty of printing out your Dad's certificate, which is attached to this E-Mail. Before printing it out for yourself, you should set your printer to the Landscape setting as the certificate is too wide to go across an A4 sheet of paper. On my Web Site is a page of the various messages I get about my site, do you have any objections to my adding your message? I would not add it without your approval. Again, thanks for your encouragement, and do keep in touch, should you so wish.

Best regards, Mac.

Dear Mac,

thanks again,we have received the Certificate and are most appreciative. I will now proceed to pass on this information to my staff at Scotch, for their interest.

Regards Ashley and the Millers.


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