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Payne's Book on HMAS Canberra

12 Oct 2002

On the SMML site which is a ship model site there was a request from David Olsen in the US for information where he might get Payne's Book on HMAS Canberra, it was published by the Naval Historical Society of Australia Inc, but is out of print. He wanted some photos from the book, as his wife's Father served in USS Jarvis , sunk in the Solomons at the time of the Guadalcanal landings and the Battle of Savo Island. I have a copy of Payne's book, so copied the photos, and E-Mailed them off to David.

To date, he has not been able to open these attachments as he has an old computer system, and at our last discussion, he was sending them to his sister to try and open.

I have offered to photocopy the pictures, and send by mail, but to date that suggestion has not been taken up.

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