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Mackenzie J Gregory
Flag of Australia

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U.S.S. Goodrich and the Queen Mary


As a seaman aboard the U.S.S. Goodrich DD/DDR/831 home port of Newport RI USA our division left Newport for a cruise in the Mediterranean  the first part of 1947 approx. When our Div. left Newport the sea was kicking up as a storm was approaching. The Queen Mary left N.Y. about six hrs before we did.  Some months later a publication (Life, Look) the Captain was interviewed by a publication, in that article the Captain related the he had taken "green" water on his pilot house and that the crossing was one of the worse he had witnessed. Question. Is it possible to locate that article??? Or any reference to the crossing at that time???

Thank you very much.

R Dom

R Dom.

In response to your message.

On August 1947, the Queen Mary sailed from Southampton for New York,   for the first time since the war. She had been refitted from her wartime role as a Troopship,  to become a passenger liner again. Your Destroyer trip must have been after this time if the Queen's Captain was reporting one of his worst crossings of the Atlantic, you were at sea at the same time as the Cunard liner. I suggest you get up this site:  It is headed Queen Mary Info, and there is a facility for you to ask a question by E-Mail from their archives. Ask if there is any information of a very rough voyage ex New York late in 1947.

Another site: has a list of some 1947 Life Magazines for sale, but I could not get an index up, to see if an article about  the Queen was amongst them.  Enter " History Cunard Liner Queen Mary" as a heading in your Google search engine, and chase through some of the results that come up, you may be lucky. 

All the best for your search, sorry I cannot be of more help.
Mackenzie Gregory

Mr. Gregory. Thank you for responding to my inquiry. The movie "Cain Mutney" brought back the memory, Though the incident had been stored for some time. I will try your "links".

Ray Dom

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