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What does "Bearing Green" mean?

Dear Sir,

I'm a french translator working on a novel involving submarine warfare. At one time, a warship is attacked by a submarine and the sonar officer talks of a torpedo incoming and he says "bearing green". I can't find anywhere what that "green" refers to.

Could you help me, please ?

Dominique Brotot

Dear Dominique,

Green refers to the starboard side of a ship I am sure you know that is the right hand side of a warship or any other ship at sea. Looking towards the bow, the left side is port or red, and the right side is starboard or green, so named after the red and green navigationd light on their respective sides of the ship.

When naming the bearing of an object from the bridge the expression Green 30, torpedo approaching could be used, translated, that means 30 degrees from the bow, on the starboard side a torpedo has been sighted and it is approaching the ship.

Hope this helps you, good luck with your work, if I can help further, just E-Mail me.

Mackenzie Gregory

 Dear Sir,

You helped me very much. No dictionary gives that meaning of green, I couldn't make it from what I got on the Internet, and even a Navy french officer couldn't tell me.

I thank you very much for your kindness, your precisions and your offer of further help. I might need it.

Best regards.

Dominique Brotot


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