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Ahoy - Mac's Web Log
Mackenzie J Gregory
Flag of Australia

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Links to other interesting web sites

Friends of the Vengeance Appeal The Vengeance still exists and we
(Friends of the Vengeance Appeal) are in the process of rescuing her to
be turned into a museum dedicated to the RN, RAN and Brazilian Navy tribute to the USS Yorktown and the Battle of Midway.

The Armed Forces Reunion Website:

Great pictures of the ww11 German navy.

Convoy Routes:International Registry of Sunken Ships Convoy Routes - WW1 & WW2

Link to this French Site, he has said how he enjoyed our Web Log and offered to exchange links, his is all in French but is about a French Submarine that we mention in our history of the Submarine. the URL is:

The British Merchant Navy at War by Billy McGee in England

About types and classes of Naval ships

US Navy Ship Designations

"The Anchor Page for the World's Warships

Dictionary of Amarican Naval Fighting Ships

The Royal Australian Navy

Naval History and Photography.

US Naval Historical Center.

Battle of the Coral Sea. May 4-10 1942.

Armchair Sailor Seabooks.

Imperial Japanese Navy page.

Links Room. Listing of WW2 Sites.

WW11 Multi Media Data Base.

U-Boat War 1939-1945. An incredible site covering all aspects of Germany's U-Boat war.

Fleet Airarm Archive. 1939-1945.

Jigs Bridgers' memoirs about WW 2.

A site in Melbourne run by a Retired Chief Petty
Officer from the RAN


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