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Solomon Islands Pictures

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This is our picture parking place while we work on the Naval Battle of the Solomon Islands.

The Solomon Islands



USS Phoenix at Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941. Post war sold to Argentinia, renamed Belgrano, sunk by Royal Navy nuclear submarine HMS Conqueror, Falklands war, using a conventional torpedo.

Phonix at Pearl Harbor


USS Lexington at the Battle ofthe Coral Sea.

Lexington Coral Sea


Japanese Carrier Shoho Battle of the Coral Sea.



USS Destroyer Hammann torpedoed by Japanese Submarine At Midway, sinking bow first.



USS Yorktown being abandoned, hit by 2 aerial torpedoes, she rolled over and sank May 7, at Battle of Midway.



Burning Japanese Carrier Hiryu, 5 May 1942, Battle of Midway, she sank a few hours later.



Major Martin Clemens Coastwatcher Guadalcanal. With a group of his scouts, Martin warned that that the Japanese were constructing an airfield there, this warning put in train Operation Watchtower. the US Marine landings in the Solomons August 1942.



USS Enterprise in the Eastern Solomons Battle

Enterprise Battle of Eastern Solomons


Bomb Hits Enterprise. 24 August 1942

Bomb Hits Enterprise. 24 August 1942




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