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Wreck of Royal Navy Submarine E-10 found after 87 years

A team of German divers recently found the wreck of the British WW1 Submarine E-10 in Heliogland in the North Sea.

She had been listed as missing on the 18th. of January in 1915, and it was thought that this boat had been a victim of a moored mine.

Andreas Peters led the Explorer Diving Team, and they carried out a series of dives on the wreck, sitting in 42 metres of water, and close to a sister Submarine E-16, which had been located in 2001.

The team reported that E-10 is listing to starboard, is essentially intact, and damage to her starboard ballast tanks confirm she probably struck a mine. All her torpedo tubes were empty, and the conning tower was also damaged.

It was necessary to untangle fishing nets, and scrape away years of marine growth from her starboard propellor to find the Number 431 engraved on it.

Vickers of Barrow built this boat pre WW1, and by checking their records, it was found that they supplied and fitted that particular propellor to E-10.

Thus, at long last yet one more secret of the sea has been unlocked for Naval History.


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