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Mackenzie J Gregory
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Bernard C. Losee and T. Park, South Wales

Sat, 19 Oct 2002


I am trying to find information on a sailor, Bernard C. Losee, who served in the US Navy in WW1.  The only information I have is that he was at T.Park, South Wales, in the sick quarters.  Do you know what ships would have been in that area during WW1 and also what T. Park might stand for?   Thanks for your help.
C. DeRosia

21 October 2002

In response to your request, I can find no information about T.Park.  I did find a referenence to a Bernard C. Losee in the 1930 US Census, and I suggest you follow that up.

I am listing several URL's on the net, each are worth looking at and in the NARA

site : National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records, you should complete their Standard Form 180 ( you will find a link to it on their Home Page ) asking for records of Service for Bernard C. Losee. the URL is:

Helpful Hints for Successful Searching. What Military Records are Availaable for Research? the URL is:

The Naval War in Outline for the US Navy in WW1. The URL is:

Finally, A site that has links to all the Geneology Sites, some amazing 167,000 links. It is called Cindi's List, the URL is:

Good luck, but you have given yourself a tough task.

22 October 2002

Hello Mac,
Great to hear from you again. Since our last contact I have had no end of trouble with my PC. Lost all my e-mail addresses, URLs and bookmarks, all through viruses. In the end I bought myself a new computer and now am getting back to normal. Sorry I can't help you with the above query. I'm not into World War 1. Checked out your magnificent website last night, kept me up till 2.30am and I've only read half of it as yet. Though a bit late, my congratulations on your 80th birthday, you beat me by two years!

I have had a couple of inquiries regarding a ferry that was sunk in Sydney Harbour during WW11. It was not the Kuttabul but another ferry that when a passing US warship caused the passengers to run to one side to get a better view, it capsized. Have you by any chance got the details of this accident?

Best wishes to you and family,

Hello George,

Thank you for your kind words about AHOY, sorry to keep up at night, and can't a virus give endless problems? I do not have any specific details about the ferry accident you refer to, but have a look at this URL: It covers I believe, all wrecks within Port Jackson, and may prove useful.

Best Wishes.

Sat, 26 Oct 2002

Hello again,

I have several people trying to unravel your T.Park identity. My latest news is : On the outskirts of Newport in Wales is an historic house known as Tredegar Park, it may just be possible that it was used in WW1 as a place for servicemen to recuperate. The correct spelling may  be Ty Parc, which I believe in Welsh is Park House.

Any way, my contact is having a friend in South Wales do some research in her local Library.

Let us hope its proves fruitful, more as it comes to hand.


Mac. Gregory.

Have done a quick search. There is an historic house on the outskirts of Newport set in its own grounds, known as Tredegar Park. It's possible that, as with so many grand households during WW1, that servicemen would have been placed there to recuperate. It could be that the correct spelling is Ty Parc which in Welsh means Park House. I have a contact in South Wales who will do a bit of researching through her Library. Whatever comes up I'll let you know.
Fingers crossed,

 Sat, 26 Oct 2002

Thank you so much for all of your help, I really appreciate it.   I had written to our National Archives  to try to find more information on Bernard but they said that the records for WW1 servicemen were kept in St. Louis and 80% of the records were destroyed in a fire, they were unable to locate anything on Bernard Losee. 

The only information I could find was from the local county library in a book of all servicemen in Genesee County Michigan who served in WW1.  The book had a photo of Bernard and information that said "T. Park, South Wales, sick quarters."  I am very curious where T. Park is and the history of it in WW1.  Hopefully with your help and connection with your friend in South Wales, we can find the answer.  

Thanks again, I'm very appreciative of all of your help.

Carol DeRosia, Saginaw, Michigan


I have found this picture of Tredegar House in South Wales. It is a late 17th. Century house set in Tredegar Park of large acreage, it was the Morgan mansion, now owned by the Newport Borough Council.

In a brief Biographical sketch of Lord Tredegar I have found a reference to a friend being invited to stay. He says " I arrived at Newport about 3. Took taxi to T. Park, and was put in the Oak room the best in the house. This is the first reference to T.Park.. I am sure this residence is where Bernard C Losee was staying in WW1.

I have asked John, who put up this photo and has researched the history of Tredegar Park and its house if it was used as a sick quarters in WW1.

Will be in touch when he responds.

 Get up this URL:

This is where the residencephoto is located plus some other detail.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2003.

Best regards,


Thanks so much for finding this information, it's really interesting.  It looks as if the Tredegar House could well have been a temporary hospital in WW1.   (Or maybe Bernard Losee was one of the eccentric "guests" in the home and told the Navy he was on sick leave?)   This T.Park has such a fascinating history.  I love the expressions on the faces of the people in the photo, it's great!    Thanks so much for sharing this and I really appreciate your help in assisting me in learning about T. Park.   

I send you best wishes for all good things in the new year.   I look forward to hearing from you again soon.   Thanks again.


Thanks so much for your very interesting messages. I really appreciate all of your help in assisting me in tracking down this information. Sounds as if you are getting closer to discovering the location of the navy hospital. Thank you also for sending the photo of Tredegar House Orangey in Newport. I look forward to more information that you are able to uncover.

Thanks again.Your help is very much appreciated.

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