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Ahoy - Mac's Web Log
Mackenzie J Gregory
Flag of Australia

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Submarines - Fulton and the Turtle
02 February 2003

Enterprise, CV6, Solomons Map
23 January 2003

Friends of the Vengeance
15 January 2003

What does "Bearing Green" mean?
15 January 2003

William Campbell Manners on HMAS Canberra
12 January 2003

Exploits of HMAS Shropshire
07 January 2003

Bernard C. Losee and T. Park, South Wales
03 January 2003

Information of Canberra Sinking and Battle
02 January 2003

Canberrra & Shropshire
28 December 2002

Warramunga 2
10 December 2002

05 December 2002

USS Jarvis
03 December 2002

Thanksgiving Dinner in Atlanta 2002
28 November 2002

British Merchant Ship Appam
28 November 2002

Town Class Destroyers, HMS Bath
27 November 2002

Les Kennedy, Chairman of the Naval Commemoration Committee Melbourne
14 November 2002

U.S.S. Goodrich and the Queen Mary
12 November 2002

10 November 2002

U. S. S. DENVER (CL-58) Association
29 October 2002

From Amanda about her grandfather on Shropshire
28 October 2002

Deming Elementary School in Terre Haute, Indiana
26 October 2002

The Cruiser Cairn at Queenscliff on Ahoy, for members of the Naval Commemoration Commitee,
14 October 2002

Tex Evans, USN liaison officer in Shropshire wih me
13 October 2002

Question on Battle of Savo Island from southern USA
12 October 2002

From Warsaw
12 October 2002

Payne's Book on HMAS Canberra
12 October 2002

Titanic Anniversary Cover
12 October 2002

Wilhelm Gustloff and the Cap Arcona (this is now included in Hannibal message)
12 October 2002

Operation Hannibal, Wilhelm Gustloff and the Cap Arcona
12 October 2002

From Argentina about German Naval activity in the Antarctic
10 October 2002

Liberty ship pictures
08 October 2002


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