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Mackenzie J Gregory
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British Merchant Ship Appam

A query resulting from German Armed Merchant Ships During WW1, and the capture of the British Merchant Ship Appam, by the Raider Moewe. I will copy you with my response.


Dear Sir,   I read your log on the German Commerce raiders of WWI. I have inherited objects that were taken from a raider in 1918 named Appam. These objects consist of everything from a mauser rifle, flare pistols, defused/disarmed shells etc. I have never been able to identify the Appam conclusively. In your log, the Moewe captured a ship named the Appam in 1916 and sent her to The USA as a prize. Do you know anything about the Appam, particularly what happened to her after she arived in Norfork? Any light you may be able to shed or direction that you may be able to point me in would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely,   Charly Busey


Mackenzie Gregory wanted you to see the following case:


Message: This link will give you the US Supreme Court case about the ownership of Appam. I do not believe this ship was ever a Raider, just a british Merchant ship captured by Moewe in 1916, and sent to the US as a prize under Leutnant Hans Berg. The artifacts you have no doubt resulted in her having a German Prize Crew on board for her passage to New Port News arriving there in February 1916. Her only armament as a British Ship was one 4 inch stern gun, which was not fired with her encounter with Moewe. I hope this report of the court case over her ownwership in the US is of assistance to you.

Mackenzie Gregory.

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