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Ahoy - Mac's Web Log
Mackenzie J Gregory
Flag of Australia

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Deming Elementary School in Terre Haute, Indiana

From: "jd-hubble"

We have the ability to really light up these kiddo's map.  Let's all pitch in, especially those from Down Under and Denmark.   J.D. Hubble   Subject: Deming Elementary 5th grade project

Hello! We are in the 5th grade at Deming Elementary School in Terre Haute, Indiana. We are located in Vigo County, on the western border of Indiana.  Our teacher, Mrs. Julie Sitarski, is helping us by using her e-mail address as our e-mail receiver.  We have decided, after seeing this done at another school, to map an e-mail project.  We are curious to see ?where in the world? our e-mail will travel via the Internet between October 7, 2002 and November 7, 2002 (only 1 month). This is not a pen pal project, so we will not write you back unless you request it.  We would appreciate your help. If you receive this message, we ask that you:

1. E-mail us back at: and tell us your city/state/location so we can plot it on our map.

2. Send this letter on to everyone you know so that they can send it on to everyone they know and so on to help us reach even more people. We don't mind receiving repeats so send it on to everyone.  We will keep a graph in math class using the numbers received by state and country.

We will post our results on our web page so that you can see how we did.  With your help, we can make this a very exciting learning experience.

Thank you for your help.

Mrs. Sitarski's 5th Grade Class
Deming Elementary
1750 8th Avenue
Terre Haute, IN 47804

27 October 2002

Hi From Down Under,

My name is Mackenzie Gregory, and I live in the city of Melbourne, in the State of Victoria, which is at the bottom of the mainland of Australia.

Good luck with your project, the time here is Noon on Sunday the 27th. of October 2002.

If you want to learn about some of our Southern Stars , look at my web site, the URL is listed below, and click onto the article about the Soutern Cross.

Best regards.

Ahoy. Mac's Web log

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