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From Argentina about German Naval activity in the Antarctic

10 Oct 2002

Our site continues to attract international attention.

I have just had an inquiry from Argentina about German Naval activity in the Antarctic in 1942, it was sparked by Mauraders of WW2, covering the capture of the Norwegian Whaling fleet in January of 1941. The writer had an uncle who flew for the Argentinian Navy in the Antarctic in 1942, it was then quite secret, and says he is writing a book about it all, but needs more information. If only research was all so easy as just asking questions, of course that is but one strand in weaving the cloth that will eventually turn into your article, book or whatever.


The Armed Merchant Raider Pinguin operated in the Antarctic in the Wedell Sea over a few days in January of 1941. She captured Ole Wegger, Norwegian Whaling Factory ship of 12,201 tons, she had on board 5,500 tons of fuel, 7,000 tons of whale oil, the mother ship for the catchers, Solglint, almost the same size in tonnage, she carried 4,000 tons of fuel, and 4,000 tons of whale oil.

Finally 11 whale catching vessels were captured.

I am nor aware of any German Armed Merchant Raiders of warships that operated in the Antarctic in 1942.

Sorry I cannot help any futher with your inquiry.

Best wishes,

Mackenzie Gregory.

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